Junta Must Withdraw Constitution: KNU Junta Must Withdraw Constitution: KNU By SAW YAN NAING Friday, October 24, 2008 Burma’s oldest and largest ethnic rebel group, the Karen National Union (KNU), strongly condemned the ruling junta’s 房地產 state constitution, calling it a reactionary throwback to the country’s age of imperialism. David Takapaw, who was elected vice-chairman of the KNU at its recently convened 負債整合14th congress, said that the constitution reflected an ideology derived from the thinking of the Burmese kings Anawrahta, Bayintnaung and Alaungpaya—rulers of imperial dynasties that subjugated 景觀設計 ethnic states and invaded neighboring countries. Anawrahta, Bayintnaung and Alaungpaya were early leaders of the Pagan, Toungoo and Konbaung empires, respectively. They aggressively expanded their territory t 澎湖民宿o include the kingdoms of the Mon, Arakan and other ethnic groups. King Bayintnaung even expanded his territory to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand and some regions of Cambodia and Laos. Takapaw said that the Burmese general 澎湖民宿s were trying to impose a similar reign to subjugate ethnic minorities under military rule—an approach that he said could no longer work. “Now, it is impossible to establish an empire. Ethnic people will not accept this ideology,” sa 房地產id Takapaw, who called on the regime to abandon its efforts to force its constitution on the country against the will of Burmese opposition parties and ethnic groups. “According to the constitution, the Burmese military can announce a ‘state of emergency’ 汽車借款 at any time, and requires the president to have military experience,” he said, highlighting the army’s prominent role under the constitution. In September, the National League for Democracy, Burma’s main opposition party, also called on the regime to review the const 東森房屋itution, calling it “one-sided” and saying it lacked the participation of democratically elected representatives from the 1990 general election. The regime held a national referendum on the constitution in May and swiftly announced that it had won more than 92 percent approval. However 結婚西裝, critics and dissident groups inside and outside Burma called the constitution and referendum a sham. The state constitution is step three of the regime’s seven-step “road map” to civilian rule. The fifth step is an election slated to take place in 2010.http://www.irrawaddy.org/article.php?art_id=1449 銀行利率7  .


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